Trump Signs Autism Act

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With little time to spare, President Donald Trump approved an extension of the nation's primary autism law, authorizing $1.8 billion in spending on...

NIH Funding For Down Syndrome Research Balloons

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With millions of new dollars for research on Down syndrome, federal officials have effectively doubled their investment in understanding the...

“How My ADHD Makes Me a More Dynamic, Resourceful, Passionate Leader”


Authors: ADDitude.com

OK, you’re not a Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Albert Einstein, or Walt Disney. But you’ve got at least one superpower. One of my colleagues can remember the birthdays (and start dates) of everyone on our team. Another can look at a spreadsheet and spot the rogue formula. Finding my superpower was… complex.


Bill Aims To Boost Direct Support Workforce

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Federal lawmakers are looking to address the nation's shortage of in-home caregivers assisting people with developmental disabilities....

Study: People with Autism Show Atypical Brain Activity When Coordinating Visual and Motor Information


Authors: National Association of Special Education Teachers

A new study in the Journal of Neurophysiology by researchers at the University of Kansas Life Span Institute is the first to look at functional brain activity in people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) while they performed precision visuomotor behavior-in this case, a grip-force test....

When Back-to-School Triggers Difficult Emotions


Authors: ADDitude.com

Many of my pediatric patients did not want to go back to school this Fall. For one, they were reluctant to leave the blissful moments of summer behind, and I couldn’t blame them. But what was heartbreaking to hear, particularly as a mom, was the dread they felt over returning to the classroom and managing the difficult...

ADHD Awareness Month Sweepstakes 2019

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“He’s Just Like Me!”

All children need role models who look like them. For kids with ADHD, those heroes and heroines take on extra importance. They show our kids that success is within reach, that persistence pays off, and that ADHD or ADD is not a character flaw or a disability. During ADHD Awareness Month,...

Official Rules: ADHD Awareness Month Sweepstakes 2019


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Sponsor: The ADHD Awareness Month Sweepstakes (“Sweepstakes”) is sponsored by New Hope Media, LLC d/b/a ADDitude, 108 W. 39th St. Suite 805, New York NY 10018 (“Sponsor”).

Sweepstakes Entry Period: The Sweepstakes starts at 12:00:01...

Q: How Can I Make Homework Less Overwhelming?


Authors: ADDitude.com

Q: “How can I help my son get homework done? Some days, he can’t even get started.” – Landrade

Hi Landrade:

If I am being completely honest, I hate homework. But not for the reasons that you may think… or for the reasons that your son does. I’m all for homework that reinforces lessons taught...