Stop Cuts and Caps to Medicaid

Authors: Special Education Law Blog

The following is an action alert from COPAA:

On Monday, the U.S. Senate will begin debate its bill, the Better Care Reconciliation Act, to replace the Affordable Care Act. The bill is being touted as better than the House bill but in terms of how it fundamentally alters Medicaid it is much worse. The...

Call Congress Immediately to Save Medicaid

Authors: Special Education Law Blog

Call your Senators and Representatives today by calling one toll-free number (844-USA-0234) and entering your zip code.   Now is the time for ACTION, remember every call matters! ...

Fry v. Napoleon Resounding Victory for Parents in Supreme Court

Authors: Special Education Law Blog

The U.S. Supreme Court just issued a victorious ruling for parents in Fry v. Napoleon  Download Fry decision that will open up avenues of judicial enforcement of rights without the need for taking cases through due process first, and then seeking redress in court, provided that the issues presented are not re...

Action Needed to Save ESSA in Senate Before February 17, 2017

Authors: Special Education Law Blog

Here is an urgent action alert from COPAA to save ESSA from repeal. ACT NOW – before February 17, 2017! 

Tell the Senate to vote NO on Resolution to Rollback ESSA Accountability Regulations this week!

ISSUE:  Congress passed the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) with broad bipartisan support in late...

Judge Gorsuch No Friend of Special Education Students

Authors: Special Education Law Blog

Judge Gorsuch has served for the last 10 years on the United States Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit.  In this capacity, Judge Gorsuch has heard several cases related to special education and disability, which has enabled those who have analyzed both his concurring and issued opinions to determine how...

DeVos Voted In, But the Fight Goes On

Authors: Special Education Law Blog

Here is a statement just issued from COPAA on the vote for Betsey DeVos.

Today, in response to the U.S. Senate’s vote on the nomination of Elisabeth ‘Betsy’ DeVos as Secretary of Education, Denise Marshall, executive director for the Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates (COPAA) issued the...

Making Our Voices Heard on Betsy DeVos

Authors: Special Education Law Blog

Betsy DeVos, a unqualified and terribly dangerous person for public education and special education even more so, cannot become the next Secretary of Education. Keep in mind once the damage is done it will be very hard and likely impossible to undo the damage. If public schools are drained of funding and the US...

Stuttering and Related Disorders

Authors: Special Education Law Blog

It is difficult enough for young children to be faced with a significant speech impairment like stuttering. As discussed in this blog, the effects of stuttering are often co-morbid with other learning issues. Most children who develop a stutter in their pre-school years fortunately outgrow it.  The National...