Gender Identity and Special Needs

Authors: Special Education Law Blog

The Trump Administration’s February 2017 reversal of an earlier Obama decision ensuring that transgender students under Title IX should be allowed to use the school restrooms of the gender to which they identify has thrown school policies with regards to gender identify into flux. The February 22, 2017...

Stop Cuts and Caps to Medicaid

Authors: Special Education Law Blog

The following is an action alert from COPAA:

On Monday, the U.S. Senate will begin debate its bill, the Better Care Reconciliation Act, to replace the Affordable Care Act. The bill is being touted as better than the House bill but in terms of how it fundamentally alters Medicaid it is much worse. The...

Call Congress Immediately to Save Medicaid

Authors: Special Education Law Blog

Call your Senators and Representatives today by calling one toll-free number (844-USA-0234) and entering your zip code.   Now is the time for ACTION, remember every call matters! ...