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At our office we have had an ongoing battle with Chicago Public Schools creating its own set of rules for when they will provide home bound instruction. They frequently make up rules under the heading "that is not the way we do things here in Chicago." I have come to calling CPS the "Republic of Chicago," as it appears they do not believe they are still part of the federal system of laws including IDEA. Several months ago, my associate Julie Welsh, filed a complaint with the Illinois State Board of Education challenging CPS's refusal to provide home bound services for a Download 1834_0001 student with mental health services because an MD doctor signed off on the request (as required by law) but not his psychiatrist (not a requirement of the law). The attached is the decision from the state investigators not only finding in our favor on this specific case, but ordering CPS to make a systemic change in how they address requests for home bound services. CPS will need to draft new policies for delivery of home bound services, train staff of the new policies and document implementation of the new policy.  Santa came a little early this year and we could not be happier for the client and for they systemic changes that Julie was able to bring about for other families in Chicago.

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