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It is hard to believe that for nearly the last 6 years my son has been a participant in an amazing program called Arts of Life at the Glenview, Illinois campus. This program has given real meaning to my son's life and an outlet for his creativity,  a place to belong and be social. He has been repeatedly recognized for his leadership and his artistry at gallery showings and through other events. Our family could not be more proud.

However, until recently I had no idea about the foundation upon which Arts of Life had been established and the dream that brought this organization into existence. The Chicago campus just celebrated its 20 year anniversary and the Glenview campus its 10 year anniversary. The following videos showing the history of Arts of Life are beautiful and inspiring, at a time when we could all use some inspiration and beauty. I hope that after you see these videos, you will realize again how much people with disabilities can accomplish when the community comes together under solid leadership with a vision for success.


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