Authors: National Association of Special Education Teachers

The Magical Thinking of ADHD Brains - and How It Drives Our Kids' Lies

We were nearing the end of a very long day. My 4 year old clung to my thigh like a monkey to a flagpole, wailing because mommy was going to a PTA meeting after dinner. My 6 year old shouted "Mom, look at my LEGO ship" in machine-gun rapid fire, unsuccessful in attracting my attention because I only had eyes for my 8 year old - the one with attention deficit disorder. She looked back at me through an unbrushed nest of hair piled atop her sinewy frame, holding a thick, black marker, standing next to one of my brand-new dining chairs.  I had absolutely no business buying sand-colored, upholstered chairs, as if I lived in some other house with well-behaved kids and relaxed grown-ups. And, as my eyes fell to the thick black line drawn on the back of my pretty new chair, I realized my daughter had just proven that fact. Read More

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