Authors: National Association of Special Education Teachers

The Problems with Prenatal Testing for Autism

When Maureen Bennie's son, Marc, was 10 months old, he started missing developmental milestones. He had had feeding problems since birth and developed a sleep disorder - and Bennie quickly grew concerned. "I had friends who had children around the same time," she says. "He really was a very, very different baby in all regards." Bennie took Marc to see a doctor but did not come home with a clear diagnosis. And when she got pregnant again when Marc was 17 months old, it didn't cross her mind that the child she was carrying might face similar challenges. Marc's autism diagnosis was confirmed when he was almost 3. His baby sister, Julia, was diagnosed about a year later at 23 months. "You just can't believe it's happening the second time around. You think: what are the chances?" Read More

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