Authors: National Association of Special Education Teachers

Family Pushes for Autism Symbol to be Added to New York Driver's Licenses

For Pete and Denise Gagliardo of Putnam Lake, the epiphany for placing the autism symbol on the New York State Driver's License came during the season opening episode of ABC's hit show "The Good Doctor." "It popped into my mind about kids that are on the spectrum. What happens to my son now that he is driving if he gets pulled over in this instance," Pete said. "What is he going to do if something happens out of the norm." So Pete, thinking of his 18-year-old autistic son Ryan, put his idea on paper. He sent a letter to 20 New York legislators, including Governor Andrew Cuomo who responded and said he would look into the proposal. Yonkers State Assemblyman Nader Sayegh went even further. Read More

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