Authors: National Association of Special Education Teachers

New Saliva Test May Detect Autism Earlier in Toddlers

Early diagnosis and intervention can really make a difference when it comes to autism. A group of researchers in Upstate New York are hopeful a new saliva test aimed at toddlers will help doctors detect autism earlier, "without requiring a thorough behavioral assessment that could take a year and a half to two years to get an appointment to perform," said Dr. Frank Middleton of SUNY Upstate Medical University. Middleton has been behind the research since it started six years ago. It's still ongoing, but the need was so high, the company Quadrant Bio-Sciences released the test last month, giving more children access to it now. "Our whole goal with Clarify SD is to change the average age of diagnosis for autism spectrum disorder from the fifth year of life to hopefully the second or third year of life," said Richard Uhling, CEO of Quadrant Biosciences Inc. "Early detection and early intervention is the deciding factor." Middleton said. Read More

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