ADDitude asked: "What would you like your child to learn in the new school year?"

Cursive, so his thoughts can get from mind to page quicker. — Robert, Georgia

How to interact with his teachers and peers. My son will turn 13 soon, and because of his normal teenage awkwardness, he needs to fine-tune his social skills. I watch him, and he reminds me of myself at his age. I want to use all of the lessons I learned to help him be less shy and adjust to being a teenager. — Allyson, Pennsylvania

I would like my child to discover what he is interested in and use his interests to help him do well in his coursework. — Sara, Washington

I would love for him to learn to not read comic books when he is in math class. — An ADDitude Reader

That there are plenty of kids and adults with ADHD. He is not alone. — Cindy, Georgia

How to put others first and to share.— An ADDitude Reader

How to hold on to his self-esteem.— An ADDitude Reader

I would love for my son to learn to follow directions and to listen.— Danielle, Maryland

That he is OK, even if things don't come as easily to him as to others. — An ADDitude Reader

How to focus without using medication. I want him to learn to use physical activity — a new sport or exercise — to build confidence and boost serotonin. — Jennifer, Arizona

That, although she has had challenges in the past, the future is hers for the taking.— An ADDitude Reader

To be a learner, somebody interested in learning, and not a student, somebody interested in performing just for a grade. — Edward, Colorado

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