Does your child lose every paper given to her? Or forget to turn in homework?

If he has attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD), what looks like a haphazard, disorganized student could really be an expression of symptoms. Luckily, tailored accommodations can help get him back on track.

First, zero in on your child’s particular difficulties, then work with teachers to implement the solutions in this video.

Your Student’s Top 5 Organization Problems (and Solutions)

Before school starts, take time to pinpoint your child’s trouble spots.

Then match each challenge with a corrective ADHD accommodation.

Work with the teacher to implement solutions like these…

1. Loses papers

Color code book covers, folders, and binders for each subject – green for math, red for history.

Put a triple-hole punch on your child’s desk so papers can be inserted immediately into a binder.

2. Forgets assignments

Ask for assignments in writing – on a school website or in a class email blast that can’t be lost.

Assign a “study-buddy” to check assignment books and make sure relevant materials are packed.

3. Doesn’t turn in homework

Label three clear, pocket folders:

  • Mail
  • Homework To Do
  • Completed Homework

Build the use of these folders into your child’s daily routine.

4. Can’t remember routines

Hang colorful signs to show where students should put homework, lunch boxes, and incoming mail each morning.

Post a dismissal checklist inside a cubby or locker:

  • Did you clear your desk?
  • Do you have your homework assignments?
  • Do you have the books and materials you need for homework?

5. Loses books

Double up on school supplies for a desk at home and school to limit what your child must tote.

Schedule class clean-up time for desks and backpacks. Award prizes for tidiness.

Request a second set of textbooks to keep at home.

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