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This ADHD Experts webinar was first broadcast live on January 9, 2020. ADDitude thanks our sponsors for supporting our webinars. Sponsorship has no influence on speaker selection or webinar content.

Recently, I asked a group of adults with ADHD to rate their level of clutter on a scale of 1 (tidy house) to 10 (messy house). Almost immediately, one gentleman shouted: “30!”

So it goes with ADHD and disorganization. We excel at engineering piles of paperwork and clumps of miscellaneous items that don’t (yet) have a home. Many of us can overlook the clutter for a while, but eventually, our sense of order overwhelms our sense of disorder and we want to do something about our messy house. This is especially true if we are expecting company and don’t want to toss everything into a junk drawer, junk closet, or junk room.

Whether your disorganization specialty is laundry (do you pick out clean clothes from the dryer, not the closet? ), bedside mountains (are you edged out of bed by all the “stuff” piling up?), or stacks of ______ (fill in the blank with anything you might find there), you’ll find strategies and tricks that will get you back on track to acceptable tidiness. We don’t have time to fold T-shirts into precise sections that stand up nicely inside the drawers (Marie Kondo clearly does not have ADHD). Instead, this podcast will focus on:

In this episode:

  • Why our ADHD brains are predisposed to disorganization and how it manifests in our world
  • The difference between ADHD disorganization and hoarding (and how the two intersect occasionally)
  • Why maintaining order is so difficult for folks with ADHD
  • Seven steps to restarting your organization process
  • How to create an organization system that works for YOU
  • ADHD-tested resources that can support your new resolve to get organized and stay organized

Recommended resources:

Listener testimonials:

  • “This was the best webinar by far. She moved along quickly with great visuals. Kept my attention and inspired me with practical tips that weren’t overwhelming. Please have her back!”
  • “Excellent concrete suggestions for organizing for those of us with ADHD.”
  • “If there was something more than 5 star excellent, Linda would get this.  Absolutely perfect!  Thank you!!!”
  • “Loved the slides, the comics, presenter’s ability to laugh at the reality of having ADHD!”

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