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By Patty Crosby | FCN

“It’s a miracle. It’s the best thing that has ever happened to our family.”That’s how Leslie Weed describes being able to hear what her Lanier is thinking and feeling after 16 years of relative silence.

“I now have this treasure trove of thoughts” says Leslie. Lanier who has autism is non-verbal and up until just a few months ago could only communicate simple needs through basic sign language, like when she wanted food or something to drink.

Because her communication was so limited, her family had no idea how much she really understood or how intelligent she was.

That all changed back in June when Lanier started playing around with an iPad with the help of her tutor Morgan Tyner.

“The first thing she said was “hi, thank you for releasing my voice”, and there was something about the power of being able to express her voice, her thoughts. It’s really priceless” says Morgan and the next thing Lanier typed out was “Tell my mother I love her.”

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