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Authors: Evidence Based Intervention Network

The SAEBRS is a brief tool supported by research for use in universal screening for behavioral and emotional risk. The measure falls within a broad class of highly efficient tools, suitable for teacher use in evaluating and rating all students on common behavioral criteria (Severson, Walker, Hope-Doolittle, Kratochwill, & Gresham, 2007). The SAEBRS is designed for use in the K-12 setting. It is grounded within a conceptual model, which states that a student’s success in school is not only related to his or her academic achievement, but also success within multiple behavioral domains. Research suggests the SAEBRS may be used to evaluate student functioning in terms of overall general behavior, as assessed by a broad Total Behavior (19 items). Research further suggests the SAEBRS may be used to evaluate student behavior within multiple inter-related narrow domains, as assessed by the Social Behavior (6 items), Academic Behavior (6 items), and Emotional Behavior (7 items) subscales.

EBA Brief for Social, Academic, and Emotional Behavior Risk Screener (SAEBRS) 

SAEBRS – Teacher Form

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