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Assessment Report Template

Assessing Psyche

Today at NASP 2019, I gave two workshops on psychological assessment report writing....

Mid-Year, New Job! that's how it's supposed to go right?

Authors: Burgeoning School Psychologist

Well, it's not quite mid-year, and I've gone and done something radical in my school psychology career again.I resigned from my urban school district where I worked with K-6th grade students and moved to a sub-urban school district where I'll be working with 9th-12th grade students.This transition will be my...

Classic Prose Is Simple, Not Simplistic

Assessing Psyche

Simple words, carefully arranged, stick in the memory and influence action long after they have been read....

Why Do Assessment Reports Exist at All?

Assessing Psyche

Think of the time and effort we could save if we simply did our assessments, gathered the relevant parties, and then had an engaging conversation about our findings....

Making Spirographs in R

Assessing Psyche

For fun, I made spiro, an R package for creating animated spirographs....