Authors: Burgeoning School Psychologist

Well, it's not quite mid-year, and I've gone and done something radical in my school psychology career again.I resigned from my urban school district where I worked with K-6th grade students and moved to a sub-urban school district where I'll be working with 9th-12th grade students.This transition will be my third official job as a school psychologist, since I became licensed in 2011. That's right - seven years, three districts.Now before your eyebrows hit your hairline, you have to know this about me. I've never really held a single job for more than 5 years. So this recent move feels quite natural to me.When I was in college, I did the whole "work 20 crappy jobs at once to pay the bills" thing that kept me moving from employer to employer. When I graduated from college, I went to work in a large financial institution for about 10 years.  While the employer remained the same, my job changed several times within the company. If I recall correctly, I believe I had 5 very different jobs within the company. I started out answering the phones to process investment transactions and left the company as a Collateral Project Manager in charge of managing mountains of printed marketing pieces in a warehouse across the country. Then I quit and decided that I wanted to get a job that actually used the degree I earned.So yeah, I'm a job-hopper, which is fine by me because I get restless when the dust begins to settle at my feet. I need to experience new and different very regularly in my life. I expect that my professional school psychologist career will mirror my financial institution career. I'm going to continue to work in the field of school psychology, just exploring different facets of it!I'm going to have to tell you all about my job and my suspicion that I may be the angel of death when it comes to SPED directors.In any event - HAPPY DECEMBER!

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