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How iPads Can Refresh Traditional Classrooms

Authors: Eudemic

Following the trend of mass mobile device adoption, educators increasingly contemplate possibilities of using iPads in classroom. State-of-the-art mobile technology is getting more and more popular in different settings and schools are no exception. Adoption of mobile devices is transforming traditional classrooms into a place that...

This Is How Google Recommends You Stay Safe Online

Authors: Eudemic

The Internet can be a scary place. There are people on the web who are looking to take advantage of you for their own personal gain. There. I said it. These people are likely looking to confuse or convince you that they are someone you should be sharing important information with.

In an effort to improve your digital safety, Google...

A Straightforward Guide To Creative Commons

Authors: Eudemic

Way back when, research meant going to the library, finding something in a book, and indicating what book you found the information in when you created your bibliography. The internet has brought a significant amount of grey area to the world of citations and bibliographies. Students need to understand how to distinguish relevant,...

The Top 5 Blended And Flipped Classroom Tools

Authors: Eudemic

Blended and Flipped Classrooms can give students more control over their learning path. Added to that, the teachers get more insight into the learning of the class and can intervene as required. Technology plays an important role in blending the classrooms. User-friendly technology ensures that the student has more control over the...

5 Tips For Keeping Students On Task While Using Technology

Authors: Eudemic

One of the things I hear most often from teachers who are reluctant to put technology into the hands of their students is that they have visions of students goofing off constantly behind their screen instead of focusing on their work.

Playing games, chatting with their friends, and browsing the internet are all likely suspects...

11 Simple Ways To Start Using Technology In Your Classroom

Authors: Eudemic

If you’re on the education technology fence, you probably can’t decide which device or app is the best one to really use. You aren’t sure if you want to jump into the edtech pool with Evernote, Moodle, an iPad, a Chromebook, or some other hot new product or service. That’s because there are an overwhelmingly large number of options...

6 FREE Kids Educational Apps – September 18, 2014

Authors: Tech In Special Ed

Pre-K Letters and Numbers Pro for Teachers. Excellent for learning Upper and Lowercase letters. your child learns how to trace each letter by following numbers. It then has the phonic of that letter and a picture and word starting with each letter. Download from iTunes...

Use iPads In The Classroom? This Acceptable Policy Poster Is For You.

Authors: Eudemic

Chances are, if you’re teaching a group of younger students (elementary or middle school, though high schoolers are certainly not known for being super careful with their devices either), you’re likely concerned about how they’re handling your expensive classroom iPads. There are a ton of “tough” tablet cases out there designed to...