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This post is a continuation of Part 1 – Know where to find Apps.  The reason I separated these resources from the others is because these resources are not limited to apps even though I often find information about great app from them.  These resources are a part of my Personal Learning Community (PLC) and they inspire me to be the best educator I can be every single day. If you aren’t a part of these communities I recommend you join them 5 seconds ago.  I’m not joking. Join now. Right now.


I promise, Twitter is not just about Charlie Sheen “winning” and the Kardashians. You choose who you want to follow so if you follow Charlie Sheen or the Kardashians then they will cloud up your feed but you can choose to fill your feed with quality people sharing quality information.  If you don’t know who to follow find one person to follow, like me (@everbeke ) and then look at who I follow or who follows me. What’s great about twitter is you can find one person that you think is awesome and then find people that also find people who think their awesome (their followers) and then see who the awesome person thinks are other awesome people (who they follow).  Throughout the week there are many many “chats” that happen using hashtags (#) which can be great conversations to participate in or just to watch and learn from.  Cybraryman (@cybraryman) has a comprehensive list of educational hashtags.  Below are some short videos about the uses of twitter in education

Pinterest is similar to twitter in that you follow/subscribe to people and/or boards and then when people you follow pin or repin those pins will show up in you feed.  Just as with twitter, if you don’t know who to follow or which boards to follow then find someone you like and see who they follow or which boards they follow.  You can start with me. You can either choose to follow all of my boards or choose to follow just a few of my boards such as School Psychology, AT, TechTuesday Inspiration

imageScoop.It is a content curation platform.  I’ll admit that I’m not curating any content but I am following some great curators.  While I could log-in to Scoop.It every day and view a feed of the curators I follow but I currently don’t, instead I let Scoop.It send me a daily email.  This is one email, from the hundreds I receive every day that I actually read every time it comes to my inbox. The curators I follow have proven to me that they share great info every day that I do not want to miss. I would recommend following John Evan’s iPad in Education and Heather Peretz’s Tech Tidbits for Teachers SMS

Any other resources you draw upon that you couldn’t imagine life without in your professional life?

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