Authors: Eudemic

imageTo the awesome Edudemic community,

A little over four years ago (the week the first iPad was announced), we started Edudemic because we saw so many interesting things happening in the education technology arena, and we wanted to share those things and some of our thoughts with a larger community than just between ourselves.

Edudemic has grown well beyond what we had ever envisioned. We hear from so many of you via email, Twitter, other social media avenues. Your stories are both interesting and inspiring. We’re honored that you’ve chosen to spend a portion of your free time checking out what we’re sharing.

As with any project, there comes a time when it is best to move on. For us, that time is now. Edudemic has new owners, and we’re leaving you in their able hands so that we can focus our creative efforts on new projects. We aren’t saying goodbye to the edtech world, and we hope to see you soon in our new little corner of the internet.

Please feel free to get in touch with either of us anytime (dunn.jeff[at]gmail works). For example, let us know what book the title of this farewell post came from.

Thanks again for joining us on this fantastic journey and we look forward to seeing where the future of edtech heads!

Cheers,Jeff and Katie

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