Authors: Eudemic

Chances are, if you’re teaching a group of younger students (elementary or middle school, though high schoolers are certainly not known for being super careful with their devices either), you’re likely concerned about how they’re handling your expensive classroom iPads. There are a ton of “tough” tablet cases out there designed to save your device when it is dropped/banged/slammed/smacked/otherwise injured, but just trying to protect them for when that happens isn’t getting at the root of the problem. Teaching students how to properly handle their devices so that they don’t get broken (or are less likely to, since obviously accidents happen) is a necessary approach (though I’d still recommend padding those iPads to high heaven in whatever case is most appropriate for your classroom needs).

This acceptable use policy, which you can print and hang in your classroom, is perfect for younger students. We shared a similar policy by the same author last year (that one is designed to be read and initialed and signed by both students and their parents), but this one is more appropriate to hang in your room so the students have these reminders nearby at all times.

Do you have an acceptable use policy for your classroom technology? What items do you think are necessary to include? Weigh in by leaving a comment below, mentioning @Edudemic on Twitter or leaving your thoughts on our Facebook page.


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