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The Top 10 Things You Should Know About Teaching Online

Authors: Eudemic

The benefits of teaching online? Simple: Flexible hours; work from almost anywhere; greater student diversity; growth industry; more control over what you teach; global network of colleagues; personalized instruction; larger pool of students; easier and cheaper to share content; small investment to get started.

But what factors are...

10 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do


Authors: Eudemic

There are a lot of ways the iPhone can (and probably does) make your life easier. For example, you can quickly whip out your phone and use it to discover new restaurants nearby using Yelp or perhaps find out where your son or daughter is using Find My Friends.

But there’s a lot going on underneath the shiny exterior of your phone t...

4 Tips for Teachers Leading Online Discussions

Authors: Eudemic

As a current college student, I regularly deal with “required” online discussions. In these discussions, teachers usually provide a prompt and require a certain amount of posts or sentences that a student must write to receive credit before a certain deadline. Often, replying to another student’s post is mandatory. Now that you u...

5 Ways Teachers Can Help Students Learn to Manage Their Emotions

Authors: Eudemic

The most valuable lesson for a student to learn inside the classroom is not science, or math, or communication skills, or artistic inclinations – but how to deal with others and society in general. Children and their emotional development at this time shapes the rest of their lives. Encouraging self-management over their own e...

6 TED Talks Educators And Students Should Watch Together

Authors: Eudemic

Education is a pretty hot-button issue for so many people out there. The issues in education are numerous and varied, and interestingly, many people find themselves feeling pretty strongly about one or two issues, and could take or leave many of the others. So whether special needs students, public funding, gender equality in...

So Long And Thanks For All The Fun

Authors: Eudemic

imageTo the awesome Edudemic community,

A little over four years ago (the week the first iPad was announced), we started Edudemic because we saw so many interesting things happening in the education technology arena, and we wanted to share those things and some of our thoughts with a larger community than just between ourselves.


A Handy List Of Resources For Teaching About September 11th

Authors: Eudemic

When you look at the US compared with the rest of the world, our history looks pretty darned short. We have the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and a handful of other significant events marking our relatively brief 238 year old history. Furthermore, for today’s students, these events are quite far flung from the reality they know...

10 Ways To Use Instagram In Your Classroom

Authors: Eudemic


Instagram is a hugely popular social network for photo sharing. Though the use of social media in the classroom may have skyrocketed, Twitter and Facebook definitely reign supreme as the key social media tools for schools and teachers. Somehow, despite the widespread popularity of Instagram, few teachers are employing it in the...

Why Good Professional Development Is Like Learning How To Fly

Authors: Eudemic

Imagine if we taught pilots to fly without ever letting them in a cockpit. Or gave them the keys to a commercial airplane without the required hours—or years—of hands on training and practice. Sure, we’d show them plenty of PowerPoint presentations and make them sit through a few seminars on the theory and physics of flight, but the...

8 Uplifting Quotes For Discouraged Students

Authors: Eudemic

There are many reasons a student can lose focus in school.

It can be bad grades that will discourage them to be inactive and to rebel. It can be the environment that can be stifling and suffocating for the students. It can be the fact that many of them don’t find it easy to see the meaning in their struggles in school.

Some students...

8 Great STEM Apps For Younger Students

Authors: Eudemic

When I think of STEM – especially the science and engineering arms of the equation – I too often think of the higher end, more complicated stuff. The cool, hands-on science experiments involving fire and acidic liquids. Building and programming robots. Unfortunately, this thought process often yields activities that are either too c...