Early Intervention Evaluations PART II: Assessing Suspected Motor Speech Disorders in Children Under 3

Authors: Smart Speech Therapy LLC

image In my previous post on this topic, I brought up concerns regarding the paucity of useful information in EI SLP reports for children under 3 years of age and made some constructive suggestions of how that could be rectified. In 2013, I had written about another significant concern, which involved neurodevelopmental...

Early Intervention Evaluations PART I: Assessing 2.5 year olds

Authors: Smart Speech Therapy LLC

image Today, I’d  like to talk about speech and language assessments of children under three years of age.  Namely, the quality of these assessments.   Let me be frank,  I  am not happy with what I am seeing.  Often times,  when I receive a speech-language report on a child under three years of age,  I am struck by how l...

Stop Cuts and Caps to Medicaid

Authors: Special Education Law Blog

The following is an action alert from COPAA:

On Monday, the U.S. Senate will begin debate its bill, the Better Care Reconciliation Act, to replace the Affordable Care Act. The bill is being touted as better than the House bill but in terms of how it fundamentally alters Medicaid it is much worse. The...

“My Son Made Me a Better Teacher”


Authors: ADDitude.com

It’s 6:43 in the morning. A noise that sounds like either a cat dying or a dinosaur roaring (or a blend of the two) is coming from the hallway bathroom. About 10 minutes ago, I instructed my 10-year-old son to brush his teeth.

Many kids brush their teeth without giving it a thought every morning. For my son, getting into...

How It All Turned Out: A Kindergarten Story, 13 Years Later

Authors: National Public Radio


NPR was there for 5-year-old Sam's first day of kindergarten back in 2004. His parents wondered if he was ready. This month, as he graduated from high school, they're still asking that question.

(Image credit: Zak Bennett for NPR)...

“When the Lazy Days of Summer Are Too Lazy”


Authors: ADDitude.com

Summer has officially started, but if you’re like most parents of teens with ADHD, you already wish that school is back in session. Although school days have their own stress and worries, at least the kids are occupied during the day instead of laying around, being lazy, making messes, fighting with each other, and...

“Tub Tantrums: Working Through My Daughter’s SPD During Bath Time”


Authors: ADDitude.com

My daughter Jasmine has always hated bath time—hated it. If the water’s too hot, too cold, too low, too high—it doesn’t matter—she screams her head off. The tub fills with tears, sweat, saliva, and snot as she goes on and on, and can’t be comforted.

“Use your words and tell Daddy, too...

“When ADHD Is All in the Family”


Authors: ADDitude.com

If you or your child has ADHD, then someone else in the family has a good chance of having it, too. We learned this like a slap in the face, just about a year ago, in a counseling session for one of our two recently diagnosed-with-ADHD sons. Our therapist gingerly suggested my husband might have the condition as well. We were...