Everything You Never Knew About the ADHD Brain


Authors: ADDitude.com

Misinformation about attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD) abounds among the patients at my busy practice. Many think medication alone will control their symptoms. Others believe that ADHD will not affect their lives once they have graduated from college. And almost none fully understand the way the ADHD brain works to...

Smithsonian Puts Spotlight On Special Olympics

Disability Scoop
With a new exhibit, the Smithsonian Institution is highlighting how athletics have helped to dramatically change the lives of people with...

Doctor and Researchers use Japanese Strategy Game Go to Help Children with Developmental Disabilities


Authors: National Association of Special Education Teachers

In a new approach to helping children with developmental disabilities, one doctor and go enthusiast has been using the strategy game in rehabilitation activities for the children. Doctor Toru Masaoka, 85, is head of Kansai Kiin, an association of professional go players in Osaka, and has...

What Your State Is Doing To Beef Up Civics Education

Authors: National Public Radio


Not enough people know how a bill becomes a law and other aspects of civic life. More than half the states are trying to fix that. See how your state is doing and take our quiz.

(Image credit: Deborah Lee/NPR)...

The Hidden Complexity Underlying a Common Cause of Autism


Authors: National Association of Special Education Teachers

Genes located in a large chromosomal aberration associated with autism interact with each other to modulate the variable symptoms of the disease, according to new research. A collaborative team led by Penn State researchers tested the role of these genes individually and in tandem by...

Dear Reading Specialist, May I Ask You a Few Questions?

Smart Speech Therapy

Authors: Smart Speech Therapy LLC

Because the children I assess, often require supplementary reading instruction services, many parents frequently ask me how they can best determine if a reading specialist has the right experience to help their child learn how to read. So today’s blog post describes what type of knowledge reading specialists...

No Fundamental Right to Read

Authors: Special Education Law Blog

I know there are so many things going awry these days and rights that were long recognized are being plowed over, and here is the latest example in Gary B. v. Snyder. Download No Fundamental right to read_decision. Some how you are expected to participate in society and have any kind of education without learning...

Free Literacy Resources for Parents and Professionals

Smart Speech Therapy

Authors: Smart Speech Therapy LLC

SLPs are constantly on the lookout for good quality affordable materials in the area of literacy. However, what many clinicians may not realize is that there are massive amounts of FREE evidence-based literacy-related resources available online for their use.  These materials can be easily adapted or...

Feds Urge Steps To Make Group Homes Safer

Disability Scoop
Five months after a scathing report found that injuries and even deaths of those with developmental disabilities living in group homes often go...

Is Autism Linked To Food Allergies?

Disability Scoop
A new study finds that food allergies are far more common in those with autism, but researchers are still trying to discover how and why....

Study Affirms Prospect Of Autism Blood Test

Disability Scoop
New research is offering stronger proof that a blood test may be able to accurately predict whether or not a child has autism....