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Authors: Burgeoning School Psychologist

WARNING - This post contains some explicit language. I lost my filter after the winter break. It's March 31st, I've officially broken 100 evaluation requests and today I determined based on the unique death-warmed over feeling I have that I'm coming down with the flu. Regarding my evaluations, please...

A Focus on Literacy

Authors: Smart Speech Therapy LLC

image In recent months, I have been focusing more and more on speaking engagements as well as the development of products with an explicit focus on assessment and intervention of literacy in speech-language pathology. Today I’d like to introduce 4 of my recently developed products pertinent to assessment and treatment o...

Spotlight on Special Education - Education Week

Education Week

Authors: Education Week

New policies aimed at supporting special education students have advocates debating their merits. In this Spotlight, learn about new testing accommodations for special education students, how vouchers are affecting parents of students with disabilities, and the potential of personalized learning for all students....

Food Insecurity in Early Childhood Linked to Young Children's Skills in Kindergarten


Authors: National Association of Special Education Teachers

In the United States, estimates show that a substantial number of children under age 5 live in households that are food insecure. That means that they do not have food, or they lack sufficient quantity or quality of food to fuel a healthy and active lifestyle. A new study has found that...

A New Kind Of March Madness Hits Schools

Authors: National Public Radio


It's March Mammal Madness, a bracket with real animals facing off in fictional battles. Hundreds of science classes are playing in schools around the country.

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Study Looks At How Autism Impacts Parents

Disability Scoop
Moms and dads of kids with autism spend less time together than couples with typically-developing children, new research suggests, but that doesn't...

'Open Schools' Made Noise In The '70s; Now They're Just Noisy

Authors: National Public Radio


'Open Education' was a big idea half a century ago. Kids were supposed to move around, learning in groups or exploring on their own. But, within a few years, the movement faded. So, what happened?

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Sheltered Workshops Get Reprieve

Disability Scoop
Officials in one state are reversing course after an outcry over plans to transition people with developmental disabilities from sheltered workshops...

Low Caregiver Wages Take Toll

Disability Scoop
For many with disabilities, maintaining a routine is key. But low wages for direct support staff often lead to high turnover and unwelcome change for...

Poor Sleep in Early Childhood May Lead to Cognitive, Behavioral Problems in Later Years


Authors: National Association of Special Education Teachers

A study led by a Massachusetts General Hospital pediatrician finds that children ages 3 to 7 who don't get enough sleep are more likely to have problems with attention, emotional control and peer relationships in mid-childhood. Reported online in the journal Academic Pediatrics, the study...