High Court Backs More Robust Standard For FAPE

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In a unanimous ruling with major implications for special education, the U.S. Supreme Court said that public schools must provide students with...

Call Congress Immediately to Save Medicaid

Authors: Special Education Law Blog

Call your Senators and Representatives today by calling one toll-free number (844-USA-0234) and entering your zip code.   Now is the time for ACTION, remember every call matters! ...

Nike Improves Shoe Accessibility

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Nike is taking steps toward increased accessibility with a new shoe designed to make it even easier for people with disabilities to slip their feet...

Education Budget Cuts, Student Aid Problems And More

Authors: National Public Radio


Trump's proposed 13 percent budget cut is the top education story of the week. Also: What's happening with student aid.

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Spotlight on Response to Intervention - Education Week

Education Week

Authors: Education Week

The rapid evolution of Response to Intervention has educators working to sustain and expand on its progress and address challenges. In this Spotlight, learn about multitiered systems of supports, efforts to improve school climate and student behavior, and tips for implementing RTI effectively....

Happy St. Patricks Day

Authors: Burgeoning School Psychologist

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Happy St. Patrick's Day fellow school psychologists who live State-Side. If you do live state-side, I hope you remembered to wear your festive green and are doused from head to toe in gratuitous Irish paraphernalia.I am not.I am representing those who don't believe in reducing a...

Louisville School Integration Efforts Safe For Now

Authors: National Public Radio


Nearly every year a decades-old school busing program is threatened by the Kentucky legislature in one of the state's largest — and most segregated — cities.

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Parent Anxiety, Screen Time And Learning In The Digital Age

Authors: National Public Radio


We met with parents to talk about screen time, digital privacy and the role of devices in the classroom. They had a lot of questions, so we asked some experts for answers. Take a listen.

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PBS To Broadcast Autism Documentary

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The sensory experiences of people on the spectrum take center stage in a new documentary set to air on television....