Spotlight on Closing the Achievement Gap - Education Week

Education Week

Authors: Education Week

As schools aim to be the great equalizer in society, they are working to close the achievement gap. In this Spotlight, see how positive school climates are narrowing gaps between low-income students and their peers, learn how schools are enrolling English-language learners in gifted classes, and read about the need for a...

Hurricane Harvey and his Brethren Hit Disabled Hard

Authors: Special Education Law Blog

Hurricanes hit the most vulnerable the hardest and that applies without a doubt to people with disabilities. The death of Benilda Caixeta, of New Orleans tragically underscores this point.  Ms. Caixeta was found drowned in her apartment, next to her wheelchair, despite her repeated calls to 911 pleading for...

Houston School Superintendent Says A Lot Of Work Ahead To Open Schools

Authors: National Public Radio


School was supposed to begin this week in Houston, but Harvey's devastating flooding has made that impossible. Here's how the school district is coping and working to move forward.

(Image credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images)...

Have SAT Accommodations Gone Too Far? - Education Week

Education Week

Authors: Education Week

With more students now able to take the SAT with accommodations, does that change the test's validity? asks school attorney Miriam Kurtzig Freedman....

I’m back and want your input on SLPs in schools

Authors: The School Speech Therapist

Aug 20, 2017 byTeresa Sadowski MA CCC-SLP


Well it has been awhile since I seriously worked on my blog. In December I left my school position to start a private practice. In July I made it official forming my own LLC called TBS Speech Therapy. I did a little contracting work earlier this year and have firmed up my...

A Little More Conversation? Language and Communication Skills That Make All the Difference for Kindergarten


Authors: National Association of Special Education Teachers

Promoting good oral language and communication skills is perhaps the most important thing parents, caregivers and educators can do to prepare children to enter kindergarten.Having just completed my 17th year of teaching at Oak Grove Primary School in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, with over 800...

“Meet the Teacher”


Authors: ADDitude.com

Our oldest son, Isaac, had a first grade Meet the Teacher night. It went terribly. Horribly. Couldn’t have gone worse.

August in Texas is already unbearable, and here we all were — about 25 five year olds and their parents, grandparents, and siblings — in one classroom competing for the...

Down Syndrome Documentary Coming To PBS

Disability Scoop
Deep questions about independence — or lack thereof — for adults with Down syndrome are at the center of a new film that's set to make...

New Products for the 2017 Academic School Year for SLPs

Authors: Smart Speech Therapy LLC

image September is quickly approaching and  school-based speech language pathologists (SLPs) are preparing to go back to work. Many of them are looking to update their arsenal of speech and language materials for the upcoming academic school year.

With that in mind, I wanted to update my readers regarding all the new...

5 Things You Don’t Know About Me and My ADHD


Authors: ADDitude.com

Beneath my bubbly, exuberant exterior I hide a lifetime of anxiety, but people see a neatly made bed, a promotion at work, dinner on the table, and children who make it to school (just barely) on time. They see a competent, highly functioning, superwoman with a smile on her face. But behind that smile, I’m holding my...

Inside the Mind of a Boy with ADHD


Authors: ADDitude.com

“My teacher said I bother the other kids too much.”

“I don’t know why, but sometimes the other kids don’t want to play with me.”

“Sometimes I feel sad and left out, or like the whole world is against me.”

These are the heart-breaking, brutally honest words of 11-year-old Rice, who...

How Fidgeting Promotes Focus


Authors: ADDitude.com

When insufficient dopamine hampers focus, there are tools designed to help children with ADHD tune into the things that aren’t naturally interesting (read: schoolwork). These tools — also called fidgets — help to balance levels of dopamine and norepinephrine, both of which regulate...

Kid Meccas Increasingly Go Sensory Friendly

Disability Scoop
More and more, recreational and cultural institutions are offering special programs and accommodations to welcome children on the spectrum and their...