Mental Factors of No Importance

Assessing Psyche

There are few things I enjoy more in a scientific document than a particularly punchy patch of purple prose....

Bureau of Indian Education Shortchanges Students With Disabilities

Education Week

Authors: Education Week

Inadequate monitoring and a lack of qualified staff left the bureau unable to ensure that thousands of special education students received the services they were due under federal law, a Government Accountability Office reports finds....

Arts Of Life: A Place of Creativity and Belonging

Authors: Special Education Law Blog

It is hard to believe that for nearly the last 6 years my son has been a participant in an amazing program called Arts of Life at the Glenview, Illinois campus. This program has given real meaning to my son's life and an outlet for his creativity,  a place to belong and be social. He has been repeatedly...

COVID Requires Some Creativity from Schools

Authors: Special Education Law Blog

Many schools are and have not been creative in how they plan or deliver instruction for children with special needs. Under ordinary circumstances that is a problem. Today lacking in creativity is the difference between students with special needs getting something from their education and getting literally...

COVID-19 Cannot be a Time of No Education for Students with Special Needs

Authors: Special Education Law Blog

It appears that this pandemic of COVID-19 is a time that lawmakers such as Senator Lamar Alexander and others are ready and willing to basically exempt school districts from their obligations under IDEA. At this time our students need more not less education and more creative solutions. Elearning will not be the...

FDA Bans Use of Shock Therapy at School for Students With Special Needs

Education Week

Authors: Education Week

The FDA estimates that between 45 and 50 students at a Massachusetts school for students with autism, emotional disturbances, and intellectual disabilities are subjected to electrical shocks through electrodes attached to their skin....

The Marshalla Guide: Book Review

Authors: The School Speech Therapist

Mar 2, 2020 byTeresa Sadowski MA CCC-SLP


I was recently asked to review a new book.  The Marshalla Guide  A Topical Anthology of Speech Movement Techniques for Motor Speech Disorder and Articulation Deficits  By Pam Marshalla, M.A., CCC-SLP.  Being fairly familiar with the quality of Pam Marshalla’s previous wor...