The Top 5 Blended And Flipped Classroom Tools

Authors: Eudemic

Blended and Flipped Classrooms can give students more control over their learning path. Added to that, the teachers get more insight into the learning of the class and can intervene as required. Technology plays an important role in blending the classrooms. User-friendly technology ensures that the student has more control over the...

Iron deficiency during pregnancy ‘increases the risk of having a child with autism’

The Autism News

Authors: The Autism News

By Madlen Davis | MailOnline

Mothers of children with autism were more likely to report low iron intake

Risk due to low iron intake increased fivefold if the mother was 35 or over

Increased risk if the mother suffered obesity, hypertension or diabetes

Iron crucial for brain development of a growing foetus

NHS recommends...

Autistic boy, 11, who was banned from becoming a Boy Scout because he was a ‘significant health and safety risk’ wins landmark legal battle

The Autism News

Authors: The Autism News

By Julian Robinson | MailOnline

Thomas Coyne wins ruling after being banned from becoming a Boy Scout

Autistic 11-year-old had spent four years with younger Beavers and Cubs

But parents left ‘shocked’ after being told be would not be allowed to move into Scouts

Claim they were told their son posed a...

A brain wave test could diagnose autistic kids more accurately — and earlier

The Autism News

Authors: The Autism News

By Abby Phillip | The Washington Post

The brains of children and adolescents with severe autism react differently to certain audio-visual stimuli than children and adolescents without autism, according to a new study. The findings have the potential to lead to a more objective and accurate diagnostic tools for the...

5 Tips For Keeping Students On Task While Using Technology

Authors: Eudemic

One of the things I hear most often from teachers who are reluctant to put technology into the hands of their students is that they have visions of students goofing off constantly behind their screen instead of focusing on their work.

Playing games, chatting with their friends, and browsing the internet are all likely suspects...

11 Simple Ways To Start Using Technology In Your Classroom

Authors: Eudemic

If you’re on the education technology fence, you probably can’t decide which device or app is the best one to really use. You aren’t sure if you want to jump into the edtech pool with Evernote, Moodle, an iPad, a Chromebook, or some other hot new product or service. That’s because there are an overwhelmingly large number of options...

6 FREE Kids Educational Apps – September 18, 2014

Authors: Tech In Special Ed

Pre-K Letters and Numbers Pro for Teachers. Excellent for learning Upper and Lowercase letters. your child learns how to trace each letter by following numbers. It then has the phonic of that letter and a picture and word starting with each letter. Download from iTunes...

Use iPads In The Classroom? This Acceptable Policy Poster Is For You.

Authors: Eudemic

Chances are, if you’re teaching a group of younger students (elementary or middle school, though high schoolers are certainly not known for being super careful with their devices either), you’re likely concerned about how they’re handling your expensive classroom iPads. There are a ton of “tough” tablet cases out there designed to...

The Top 10 Things You Should Know About Teaching Online

Authors: Eudemic

The benefits of teaching online? Simple: Flexible hours; work from almost anywhere; greater student diversity; growth industry; more control over what you teach; global network of colleagues; personalized instruction; larger pool of students; easier and cheaper to share content; small investment to get started.

But what factors are...

Inclusion Rates For Special Education Students Vary By State


Authors: National Association of Special Education Teachers

Where a child lives may significantly impact whether they are placed in an inclusive or segregated classroom, a new national analysis suggests. Regional differences appear to play a role in education placements for students with autism, with those living in the West more likely to attend...

Win with ADHD: Mark Aro


Authors: ADDitude.com

Mark Aro, 45, was born in Oregon, and he often fondly remembers his grandparents' farm surrounded by hay fields. "Some force kept me alive," he says of his childhood. "If I imagined or envisioned anything, I did it." That had its perils. Once he jumped from second-story barn rafters into a pile of hay that hid an upright...

Win with ADHD: Donna Beckmann


Authors: ADDitude.com

Some people throw a big party when they turn 50. Donna Beckmann boarded a jet to Africa and hiked to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. Her ADHD made her do it.

"I booked the trip without giving it a lot of thought, other than knowing it would be tough," she says. "Sometimes I don't think things through. I signed up for the...

Win with ADHD: Andrea Bilbow


Authors: ADDitude.com

Andrea Bilbow admits that she lives in a state of "overwhelm-ness," but that didn't stop her from founding the United Kingdom's first and largest ADHD support organization, for which she was recently awarded the prestigious Officer of the Order of the British Empire medal by the Queen of England.

"I'm now an Officer of the...

10 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do


Authors: Eudemic

There are a lot of ways the iPhone can (and probably does) make your life easier. For example, you can quickly whip out your phone and use it to discover new restaurants nearby using Yelp or perhaps find out where your son or daughter is using Find My Friends.

But there’s a lot going on underneath the shiny exterior of your phone t...