State Launches Developmental Disability ID Cards

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People with developmental disabilities in one of the nation's most populous states can now apply for a government-issued identification card designed...

But is this the Best Practice Recommendation?

Authors: Smart Speech Therapy LLC

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image Those of you familiar with my blog, know that a number of my posts take on a form of extended responses to posts and comments on social media which deal with certain questionable speech pathology trends and ongoing issues (e.g., controversial diagnostic labels,...

Kids With Autism Twice As Likely To Be Abused

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New research suggests that children with autism are much more likely than other kids to be mistreated, according to a wide-ranging review of reports...

Vacation Rentals Catering To People With Autism

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A new online platform is offering vacation rentals featuring soothing neutral colors, door alarms, items washed with fragrance-free products and...

Home Videos May Speed Autism Diagnosis

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Short home videos may provide enough information to determine whether or not a child is on the autism spectrum, a new study suggests....